We take our 2-year-old great danes to Diamond Dog House every weekday.  It is such a relief to know that our dogs are not cooped up all day at home and that they are safe and happy under the watchful eye of Dodie and her staff.  They call us to let us know if anything is out of the ordinary, send us photos of the pups playing, and above all, have become a trusted resource that we rely on to help us give our dogs the best life possible.  I hope that when we have children, we are lucky enough to find a daycare as loving and conscientious as Diamond Doghouse.- Teresa & Jon


My name is Weezie.  I’m a girl.  I turned two years old in August.  Mom tells people that I’m a Jack Russell, whatever that is.  When I was little I couldn’t hold my pee.  Mom had to take me outside a lot.  I kind of liked that part.  And I liked to touch everything with my mouth, sometimes a little too sharply, I think.  Cause Mom had to go to work ( I wonder what that’s like), she started taking me to see mama Dodie at the Doghouse when I was only  three or four (months old).  They sure did call my name a lot those first few months, and it kept leaking water on my head, usually with that word NO.  But they finally got used to me there and now they pretty much let me play with the other dogs and still occassionally boss them around.  I love Mama Dodie and my friends at the Doghouse.  And mama says she doesn’t know how we would survive (??) without them!!”


Boo just turned 2 and has been coming to DDH since she was 8 or 9 months old. Other dogs are at the gate waiting to go home by the end of the day. Not Boo; she’s always out back playing. I don’t think she’d care if I never came to pick her up. In fact, I think she’d prefer it.”


Riley has been going to Diamond Dog House since he was 6 months old — he loves it and so do we!  Dodie and her staff are warm, caring people who make us feel right at home and who obviously love the dogs they’re watching.  On the days Riley goes to play, he gets so excited that he stands up the entire 20-minute ride there and can’t wait to get inside!  And, when we’ve boarded him there, I always leave him with my mind at ease, knowing he will get superb care and be loved on as well.  Dodie has even taken pictures on her cell phone of Riley and sent them to me when we left him for an extended period of time!  I can’t speak highly enough of this wonderful place and it’s fantastic people — I don’t know what we would ever do without them!”