Leash on Life Program

Support your school and improve your health!

Participate in a fundraiser that is fun and will make a difference.  Sponsored by The Diamond Doghouse, leashes and collars are available with your school colors and logo.  Show your school spirit by selling through your club or organization.  Get a new “Leash on Life” by walking your best friend in style.

  • Run as a fund raiser or strictly as a program to raise awareness of childhood obesity and the benefits of daily exercise.
  • Choose leash and font colors to match your school colors.
  • Choose your own school font and logo to be embroidered on the leash.
  • Customize prices to students based on your desired profit margin. Order sheets will be printed with prices you select.

Offer incentive to students after they have logged a predetermined number of dog walking hours. (i.e. after 1000 hours logged, principal shaves head, or p.e. teachers wear tu-tus to school for a day, or students get a one hour recess to play games outside, etc… ) Forms will be provided for students to log hours, and chosen incentive will be listed on poster provided to school.

Packets with program details and order forms will be provided to distribute to students. Simply send packets home with students and have them return their order forms to school by the required deadline.

Order forms will be picked up from school one week after the deadline and orders will be processed. (Minimum order is 25 leashes. After this requirement is met leashes (and collars) can be ordered in quantities of five.)

Orders will be delivered to school within six weeks.

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